Carmen Jewellers

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Custom Designing

Our Design process from your ideas to final Product

you’ll work with our experienced Jeweler, making your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. From the stone(s) to the setting, to the type, color and finish of the metal, you will have a say in every element of the design process. You will have the opportunity to be as hands on or hands off as you desire while we work directly with you to turn your unique custom jewelry vision into a reality and keep you updated. 
Usually, your dream jewellery piece is accomplished within 6-8 weeks. 


Design allows the Jeweller to have a better concept of what exactly is going to be worked on. A sketch features only enough detail to guide the designer through the project. 
Sometimes drawing or sketching serve for two purposes: one to help the customer visualize how the product will look , and second to guide the Jeweller craft the piece.
We transfer the idea to the CAD program , CAD means Computer Aided Design. CAD-CAM is a tool used by the designer to obtain the details and precision in designs that were impossible to do before. This program is used to establish exact measurements of the piece being made. 


The Jeweller will take time and go over every aspect of the design with the customer, he will do as much revision required to achieve the look that is desired. 

Once the images have been approved we make a “wax” model for you to see the design in 3D. Again, the wax model is an exact replica of the finished product, and in fact will ultimately be the final piece by way of the lost wax casting process.


After the project is in metal we will usually do a fitting (unless it’s a surprise) as well as confirm final approval before the stones are set, and the product is completed.